Urban Ground Market, V9B 064, Victoria BC 131 Presley Place
(250) 915-0405

Urban Ground Market - Who We Are


Introducing Urban Ground Market. We supply affordable organic, local products with more than 1000 health food products in our store.

We carefully evaluate our products and if they don't pass our standards, we don't sell them so that you don't have to.

We have thousands of healthy products, low prices and a price match guarantee. Cook a great meal at a budget-friendly cost!


Located in the Lakeside Village development on 6 Mile Road up close to Thetis Lake, this new grocery store forms the base for more unique and environmentally friendly store to open.

We support small, local, sustainable farmers with our product offerings and that means dealing with farmers who are organic; they use no pesticides or fertilizers. Our produce is sourced for this reason to pass on to our customers the freshest and most healthy options.

One of the unique features of our store is the approach we take to testing and tasting new products.  If you have never tried a specific fruit or vegetable our staff is trained to help you pick out the ripest and have advise on how to serve it. We also have our micro greens which demonstrate grown inside a urban setting.


We are very mindful of the products that we carry and where possible we want them to be fair trade and organic and carefully selected with the community in mind. We feel that if something is good for you then it is goo for the planet.

Urban Ground Market offers a deli, and outside seating is coming soon to allow patrons to sit outside and enjoy the courtyard, which will eventually become the home to outdoor yoga classes and a hub for family friendly events.

We have 2 indoor bike storage rooms as well as outside racks to allow for dry, secure storage all year to encourage people to feel comfortable biking to the new development around the grocery store.